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The Fantastic Toyshop Synopsis

The Fantastic Toyshop by The Academy of Dance Arts

Once upon a time, in the heart of Paris, there stood "La Magasin de Jouets Fantastique," a magical toyshop owned by a renowned Master Toymaker. On a warm spring day, the Toymaker, his French Shop Maid, and his favorite niece enjoyed a leisurely lunch at a nearby café.

The bustling Parisian street was alive with joy and laughter as children played, and adults basked in the warm sun. To entice other cafe patrons, the Toymaker showcased his prized creations outside the shop, including enchanting Teddy Bear Dolls and newly finished White Porcelain Dolls, whose lifelike appearance and graceful dancing captivated all who witnessed them.

Gypsy Street Dancers and delicate Fairy Dolls added to the spectacle, their movements as fluid as the gentle breeze. Amidst the magical scene, mischievous Russian girls joined in playful antics, their giggles filling the air. As the delightful lunch came to an end, the Toymaker extended an invitation to the visitors to step inside his enchanted Toyshop, and the Russian girls eagerly followed.

While the Toyshop was closed, the Baby Dolls and Sweetheart Dolls napped peacefully until the arrival of the Little White Bunny Dolls, whose playful antics awakened them from their slumber. However, mischief soon ensued as some street urchins attempted to steal from the unsuspecting Sweetheart Dolls, prompting the Toymaker to intervene and restore order.

As the shop reopened, the Toymaker presented an array of enchanting dolls to prospective customers, including the Italian Tarantella Dolls, whimsical Card Dolls, and the intricately designed Russian Nesting Dolls. Yet, the true highlight was the moving dance of the Medieval Knight and Princess Dolls, whose movements were so captivating that the customers could not resist purchasing them.

At nightfall, the Toymaker, exhausted from a day's work, drifted into a deep slumber, allowing the Medieval Dolls to share a bittersweet dance, their love for each other evident in every graceful step. However, the Toymaker soon awakened to their sorrow and realized that the dolls could not be separated, no matter the offer.

In the final act, despite tempting offers from American and Russian families, the Toymaker steadfastly refused to sell the beloved Medieval Dolls, causing disappointment among the potential buyers. Yet, with the help of the playful Poodle Dolls, the children soon found joy in new playmates, their laughter once again filling the enchanted Toyshop.

As the curtain fell, the Toyshop celebrated the enduring love of the Medieval Dolls with a joyous Cake Walk dance, reminding all who witnessed it that true love knows no bounds, and that magic can be found in the most unexpected places, especially in the heart of "La Magasin de Jouets Fantastique."


The Academy of Dance Arts is thrilled to bring The Fantastic Toyshop to the Batavia Fine Arts Centre stage on Sunday, June 9, 2024. Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

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