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For ages 3 and up


The Academy of Dance Arts emphasizes technical training to help each student reach their fullest and unique potential.  The Academy Core Curriculum includes classes in Ballet, Contemporary (intermediate and advanced students ONLY), Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, and Musical Theater, ranging in ages from early preschool (age 3) through adult (over 19 - please note that students over the age of 19 should look at classes marked, "Adult").  These classes are where the magic happens - a love of dance takes root, and the dancer is prepared, if they choose, to enhance their education by participating in our Academy Dance Alliance or auditioning for our Academy Ballet Conservatory. 

Here at the Academy, our goal is to give our students professional-level training so they have the tools to pursue dance beyond high school if that is their wish. It is important that they learn and understand fundamental concepts before being exposed to advanced dance styles and disciplines.

Core Curriculum
Young Ballerinas

Nurturing mind, body & spirit exploring dance

Young Children's Dance Program

Ages 3 - 6

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jazz dancers

Awakening mind, body & spirit through jazz & contemporary dance

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Jazz & Contemporary

Ages 6+

BALLET children

Inspiring mind, body & spirit through ballet


Ages 6+

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tap dancers

Harmonizing mind, body & spirit through tap

Tap Dance

Ages 6+

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hip hop dancers

Igniting mind, body & spirit through hip hop

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Hip Hop Dance 

Ages 6+

The Academy of Dance Arts

Balancing mind, body & spirit through dance

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Additional Classes

Ages 7 - Adult

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