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Additional Classes

For ages 7+

Balancing mind, body & spirit through dance

Explore additional options for balancing the mind, body, and spirit through additional movement classes.

The Academy of Dance Arts


Adult Dance Classes

The Academy offers classes for all ages.  Adults can explore the joy of dance through tap, hip-hop, and ballet. Our classes cater to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced dancers, and are offered through our Trimester program.

Tap: Rediscover the art of creating music with your feet, guided by our expert instructors.

Hip Hop: Groove and move to the latest urban dance styles in a fun and inclusive environment.

Ballet: Experience the timeless elegance of ballet, improving your posture, flexibility, and grace.

Join our welcoming and encouraging community to embark on a journey of self-expression, artistry, and fitness. Dance your heart out with us!

Stretch & Strengthening (S&S) 

& Pilates

Stretch and Strengthen and/or Pilates Mat classes are highly recommended for ALL Students! Proper stretching and limbering of all the joints and muscles are taught according to age and class level capabilities.  This helps in the development of high extensions and ease of movement quality as well as injury prevention.  Strengthening exercises of all muscle groups (especially core muscles) are equally concentrated upon to help the dancer attain aplomb in all dance movements.  Isometric exercises which build strength in different muscle groups, Pilates-based exercises, and Hatha Yoga postures and stretches are also part of the routine of the class.  Stretch bands may be purchased at the Front Desk.  2-lb. weights are needed for more advanced Levels.  The instructor will advise.

Musical Theatre

This fun class is perfect for those interested in performing in theatrical productions, show choir, or anyone looking for an opportunity to develop more characterization and acting abilities while dancing.  Students will explore the world of musical theatre with songs from classic Broadway to the current running shows.  

Leaps & Turns

Technique class focuses on center exercises and progressions across the floor based on Jazz and Ballet philosophies.  The class consists of a full warmup with conditioning and stretching, Center work focuses on alignment, strengthening, and stabilization through standard Ballet and Jazz exercises (tendus, degages, rond de jambes, etc.). Across the floor progressions focus on battements and extensions, pirouettes, and jumps. Instructor approval needed to register for this class. 


The proper way to use space, levels, and the floor to create a theatricalization and intensity in the projection of movement is taught. This form of dance creates strong dancers for all contemporary work through the usage of the Horton Technique and Release Technique. It is strongly advised that a dancer should have a solid understanding of basic ballet techniques.

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

PBT signifies Progressing Ballet Technique. While this is a valuable supplement for any dancer, the student who will benefit the most is a student with a strong ballet background who wishes to further solidify their core strength and body awareness. Additional equipment is required for this class; a list will be provided to registrants prior to the beginning of Summer Term.

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