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Hip Hop

For ages 6+

Igniting mind, body & spirit through Hip Hop

An immersive experience beginning with the Hip Hop culture. The introduction and the understanding of the elements of Hip Hop. A comprehensive control with the body in connection with break dance and it's origins alongside with the original funk styles of Popping, Locking and Boogaloo. An understanding and respect of the history of Hip Hop coupled with intentionality to push the culture forward. Renewing a sense of community while still authenticating it's free form and expression. 

The Academy of Dance Arts


Hip Hop I-V

The focus of our Hip Hop classes is to introduce, engage, and encourage through urban movement using trendy and popular rhythms to a variety of beats and sounds. An introduction to what hip hop really is and how it affects daily movement. Engage students with the movement from popular and current hip-hop styles. Encourage students to continue with the new knowledge of movement and appreciation for new musicality and movement.  

Adult Hip Hop

Each class starts with mental relaxation (as your mind is just as important in dance as the body). Then moves into appropriate stretches and callisthenics to release stress in the body. Our adult class movement consists of beginner yet challenging combos to music familiar to OUR time period, age and entertainment level. Classes are designed to burn calories, elevate healthy heart rates, and most importantly...have FUN!

Adult Hip Hop follows a trimester schedule:

  • Fall Trimester: Classes meet from September 16, 2024, to November 23, 2024.

  • Winter Trimester: Classes meet from January 20, 2025, to March 29, 2025.

  • Spring Trimester: Classes meet from April 7, 2025, to May 31, 2025.

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