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Pandora's Lesson - A Magical Ballet

This is the age-old tale of Pandora’s curious nature and her discovery of how good triumphs over evil. Come frolic with all the Creatures of the Forest as we bring this delightful family presentation to life in 2022!


In the depth of a mysterious old forest, magical Fairies, Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Fawns stir in the light of dawn. All are curious about the beautiful young couple who have fallen asleep nestled together atop a large rock weary from their travels.

The beautiful Fairy of Hope and her Escorts appear to greet the rising of the sun and awaken Pandora and Philon in welcoming them to their woodland home. At the Hope Fairy’s request, the Forest Creatures cavort to the amusement of all...swarming tiny Bees, adorable Bunnies, Young Butterflies, Ladybugs, Grasshoppers, fun-loving Fawns, and even Fire Ants! Then the Hope Fairy calls forth the other Fairies to dance for the innocent and loving pair of sweethearts.

They bestow their blessings of Hope, Charity, Joy, Humility, Peace, Wisdom, and Fortitude, displayed in the gifts of a beautiful, jeweled necklace and cuff. The young sweethearts show their thanks in a Pas de Deux of touching young love. The Fairy of Hope wishes them well on their travels through the Enchanted Forest and gives them Creatures of the Forest as exports to guide them. The Hope Fairy also gives them a warning that with every blessing, there can be hidden evil...a nemesis that can appear if they are not careful. She tells them of a Secret Golden Chest guarded by Forest Gnomes that must never be opened no matter how curiosity might tempt them. The young couple promise to heed her warning on their journey through the forest. All bid them a safe journey as they continue through the woods.


As night begins to fall, the stars flicker above as the Night Moths are seen dancing in the air. A Tree, Flowers, and Monarch Butterflies along with a flock of Cardinals appear to dance in the moonlight. Forest Maidens gather to join the Cardinals and a group of Unicorns to cavort in the forest glade. Wood Nymphs and other creatures soon appear as they escort Pandora and Philon on their journey through their wooded home. Suddenly, little Skunks appear to threaten the peace of the forest but are quickly chased away before any Forest Creatures scatter as they know that the Golden Chest the Gnomes guard carries evil within. As the Forest Gnomes warn Pandora and Philon to leave the Golden Chest alone. But try as they might to resist, they open the Chest and are frightened as the evil Dark Shadow Queen emerges bringing scary Black Bats with her. The Dark Shadow Queen calls forth her other minions of Dark Shadows to surround them with their scourge of laments, woes and hopelessness.

Just as the evil despair of the Dark Shadow Queen is about to completely overtake the young couple, the Hope Fairy appears with the other Blessed Fairies to bestow one greater gift, the “Cloak of Divine Grace” to save the pair from ruin. All the Dark Shadows and the Queen cringe at this amazing power of grace and vanish and slink away.

Pandora and Philon thank their benefactors and vow never to be drawn in or tempted by evil again. Joyous dance overtakes the forest and all its wondrous creatures. They express their thanks that their forest is once again a safe haven protected by the Blessed Fairies.


Watch for more details to come in January 2022!

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