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Elevate Your Dance Journey with NHSDA at the Academy of Dance Arts

Are you a passionate dancer with a hunger for artistic recognition and academic achievement? Look no further than the Academy of Dance Arts, where we're excited to introduce not one but two on-site chapters of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA). Let's delve into what NHSDA is all about, why you should consider joining, and what it takes to become a part of this prestigious society.

What is NHSDA?

The National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) is a program initiated by the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO). Its primary mission is to "recognize outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students studying dance and to foster an appreciation for dance as a true art form and one worthy of recognition and prestige."

NHSDA is structured into two programs:

- The Junior Program, catering to students in grades 6-8.

- The Secondary Program, tailored for students in grades 9-12.

But NHSDA is not just about accolades; it's about fostering a sense of community, kindness, and artistry among its members. Participants identify and work towards their personal and professional goals, enriching their dance journey beyond traditional classes and performances.

Why Should You Join NHSDA?

Joining NHSDA at the Academy of Dance Arts offers a multitude of benefits:

1. Recognition: NHSDA recognizes and celebrates your artistic merit, academic excellence, and leadership skills.

2. Awards: Achieve milestones of induction and graduation with honors, earning certificates, pins, medals, and cords to commemorate your achievements.

3. Mentorship: Benefit from mentorship opportunities provided by chapter sponsors and network with peers who share your passion.

4. Leadership Development: Participate in leadership and development opportunities, including chapter administration, record-keeping, fundraising, and event planning.

What Are the Expectations?

NHSDA is an honors society that values both artistic and academic excellence. To become a member of our chapters at the Academy of Dance Arts, you need to meet the following expectations:

- Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 (for Juniors) and 3.5 (for Secondary students).

- Submit a compelling paragraph explaining your interest in NHSDA and your aspirations through membership.

Once accepted, you'll work throughout the school year to accumulate points required for induction into the National Honor Society. Points can be earned through various avenues, such as taking classes, participating in rehearsals, performing, conducting research, attending workshops, engaging in community service, and more.

How Can You Join NHSDA?

To embark on your NHSDA journey, follow these steps:

1. Complete an Application: Start by filling out an application expressing your interest in joining NHSDA.

2. Submit Report Cards: Keep your academic performance on track by submitting an up-to-date report card at the end of each school semester.

In your pursuit of artistic and academic excellence, NHSDA at the Academy of Dance Arts is here to guide and support you every step of the way. With opportunities for recognition, mentorship, and personal growth, NHSDA offers a platform where dancers can truly shine.

Join us at the Academy of Dance Arts and elevate your dance journey to new heights with NHSDA!

For more information on NHSDA visit their website.

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