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On the International Stage: Grace Ward

Grace Ward, a distinguished alumna of the Academy of Dance Arts, has found her place on the international stage with the renowned Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel. Known for her captivating performances and exceptional talent, Grace has built a successful career in contemporary dance. As a graduate of the ADA, her journey to one of Israel's leading dance companies is a testament to her dedication and passion for the art of dance.

Can you share some highlights from your recent international performances?

In Germany, I was moved to tears when the audiences all stomped their feet with their applause, rumbling the theaters like thunder. 

In Italy, I was stunned, falling all over the raked stage trying to dance on the angled floor, in old amphitheaters with rows and rows of seats that level up the walls. 

In Croatia, I remember staring at the stars during a performance in a massive outdoor amphitheater by the sea.


In Paris I could hear celebrations, protests and even fireworks in the streets during our shows.

Performing internationally was always my big dream. Being able to reach people who don’t even speak my language by speaking with my body is a huge privilege, and totally life changing.

What advice would you give to aspiring dancers who aspire to perform internationally?  

To young dancers aspiring to perform internationally, I would urge you to taste as much variety as possible. Go to intensives, get familiar with companies abroad, travel out of your home country if it’s an option for you. Watch Zoom shows of international companies who offer them. Dance in America is only one flavor, and the more approaches you try, the closer you are to finding your own.  

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Co

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